Repair Services

Brakes & Complete Service
*Disc & Drum (ABS), Pads & Shoes
*Bleed System, Wheel Bearings, Speed Sensors

Cooling & Heating Systems
*Radiator & Heater Cores, Water Pumps, Belts & Hoses
*(Serpentine & V Belts) Thermostats, Fan Clutches
*Coolant Flushes with Dex-Cool and Standard Antifreeze

*Engine Diagnostics (Check Engine/Service Engine & ABS Light)
*Emissions (Oxygen Sensors/EGR Valves Diagnostics)

Drive Line & Suspension
*U-Joints, C.V. Shaft, Shocks and Struts

*Complete Service for Cars & Light Trucks (Direct Fit Parts)

*Complete Fluid Changes: Oil, Transmission, Power Steering
*Brakes, Washer, ect.

*Valve Covers, Head Gaskets, Transmission Pan, Oil Pan

Headlights & Lamps
*Free inspection*Replacement with O.E.M. Bulbs

Tune Ups
*Electronics, Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs, Starters, Solenoids, *Timing Belts, Air
Filters, Fuel Pumps & Filters

Windshield Wiper
*Wiper Motors, Washer Pumps, Arms and Exact Fit Blades

"We also offer preventive maintenance plans on all domestic and foreign automobiles."


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